Animals shows

  • Sea Lion show

    Seals show: The Sea Lion Ballet In the most fabulous aquatic complex of Europe, the sea lions of Patagonia prove again their innate sense of play and comedy. Access...
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  • Birds in flight show

    Birds and Men Impressive with intelligence and power, it is in complete freedom that many rare species of birds evolve above the spectators. Access to the...
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  • Parrot Show

    The Carnival of the Feathers Facetious, intelligent and adoring the contact with the public, macaws, cockatoo and parakeets will also seduce you with their magnificent...
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  • Phoque, veau marin au parc animalier Le PAL

    Educational Presentation

    On the occasion of the educational activities, the trainers offer their boarders one of the meals of the day. Thus, the animals get closer and you can better observe...
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  • Panda roux au parc animalier Le PAL

    Feeding the animals

    Staff feed the animals several times each day. You can watch the Red Pandas, North-western Wolves, Hippopotamuses and African Wild Dogs feeding.   Red...
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