Before you leave


Your stay

Your first night at the heart of the African Savannah… In an exceptional and original setting, Le PAL invites you to prolong your stay and transport you to the heart of southern Africa for an unforgettable experience in one of our LODGES in a magnificent environment. Discover our offers here.


Opening times

Before planning your visit, make sure the park is open.


Comfort during your stay

In August, the quietest days are usually the least sunny days!

To save time and gain access to the park more quickly, you can purchase your tickets online
Smoking is prohibited in all dining areas, gift shops and in all queues for the attractions.


Pre-purchased tickets

In order to gain direct access to the park, you can purchase your tickets online
Automatic ticket dispensers are also available at the park entrance.


Accepted payment methods

For tickets purchased online: credit/debit card. 

Tickets purchased at the desks at the park entrance can be paid for by:

  • Cheque
  • Credit/debit card
  • Cash
  • “Chèques vacances” (no change given)
  • Ticket Kadéos Infini, Ticket Kadéos Horizon, Ticket Kadéos Culture (no change given)

Tickets purchased from the automatic dispensers in the Le PAL car park: credit/debit card.

“Chèques Vacances” are accepted at all dining facilities, but no change can be given.



Parking for cars and coaches is free of charge.

For security reasons, it is strictly prohibited for camper vans to park overnight in the main car parks (P1 and P2) located opposite the reception desks at the park entrance, as well as the car park reserved for coaches. These are closed with automatic gates at night time. For your comfort, we invite you to use car parks P3, P4 or P5 or to use the stopping area and facilities for camper vans available at Thiel/Acolin (3 km from Le PAL ) or at the Camping Municipal de Dompierre/Besbre (6 km from Le PAL).


Temporary exit from park

Before leaving the park, make sure you have your hand stamped so you can return during the day (anyone who leaves without a stamp will not be allowed back in).


Luggage room

Luggage storage facilities are available at the park entrance, just after the ticket inspection area, opposite the gift shop Le Comptoir de l'Ours. €2 or €3 per day depending on size.



Picnics are allowed both outside and inside the park.
Several dining facilities are also available within the park (restaurants, self-service cafeterias, crêpes, snacks and sandwiches).


Disabled access

The park provides disabled access. In January 2012, Le PAL was awarded “Tourisme et Handicap” status for 3 disabilities: motor, mental and hearing disabilities.

Dedicated parking spaces are located near reception for persons with reduced mobility.

Visitors can also benefit from individual disabled rates (€4 off full price) upon presentation of an 80% disability card. When you arrive at the ticket inspection area asked for a map specially designed for our disabled visitors. 

To make your visit easier, electric scooters are available for hire: €20 (all visitors) or €15 upon presentation of an 80% disability card (€100 deposit required). When you arrive, head for the information desk to the left of the ticket inspection area. 
Scooters can only be hired for medical reasons. 

Guide dogs and other service dogs for disabled visitors are permitted and can accompany their owners throughout their visit to Le PAL.

Several toilets for disabled visitors can be found throughout the park and are shown on the map.

Seats for disabled visitors are available for the various animal shows (sea-lions, raptors and parrots).


Admission to attractions

For security reasons (manufacturer’s standards), admission to certain attractions is subject to size. These rules must be respected at all times. Younger children may be measured before being admitted to these attractions. Where necessary (size slightly above the minimum), your child will be given a bracelet at the park entrance so that he or she need not be measured at each attraction. 

All attractions (except Voyage Over the World and Le Rapido) have special queues for persons with reduced mobility. In most cases, these attractions are accessed via the exit. Attraction operators are on hand to help you gain access. The number of companions is limited to 3 or 4 depending on the capacity of each attraction.


For young children

Pushchairs are available for hire (€6) at the park entrance. For more information, visit the information desk to the left of the ticket inspection area.


Extreme weather

For your safety, some attractions may be temporarily closed during thunderstorms.


First aid station

The first aid station is located at Place de la Gaité. Lost children are always brought to the first aid station.


Lost and found

Lost items are always brought to the first aid station. If the item you have lost has not been found before you leave the park, we advise you to phone +33 (0)4 70 42 68 10 the day after your visit from 2 PM onwards.



Dogs and other pets are not allowed in the park or in the LODGES*. If required, kennels are available for a fee in Thiel-sur-Acolin (5 mins from the park). For more information, contact Mr Pierre HUARD at +33 (0)4 70 42 54 36. 

* Guide dogs and other service dogs for disabled visitors are permitted and can accompany their owners throughout their visit to Le PAL.



You can download our brochures by clicking on the links below: