The Twist, the Russian mountain that makes your head spin

Published on 03/28/2019

More info about one of the top attractions in the park: The Twist!

The Twist, which arrived here in 2011, is very aptly named. Hugely anticipated by visitors when launched, it continues to be Le PAL’s first and only spinning rollercoaster! This one-of-a-kind attraction in France takes you to a height of 22 metres, making it Europe’s highest spinning rollercoaster! Step aboard your freely-rotating vehicle and hurtle down the drops and round the bends during your 470 metre trip. This unique rollercoaster has some high-speed drops and bends in the offing, providing new sensations each time you set off. As the mechanism rotates freely, you never turn in the same direction or the same way, which means people of all ages will love it! Ride it 10 times in a row and experience 10 different sensations!

Dive headlong into a jungle that’s been totally turned upside down by a visit from King Kong, and defy the laws of gravity. Thrills guaranteed for smaller children but families will enjoy it too. And after this crazy experience you’ll be able to recover from all the excitement with a pancake from the Bangala crêperie just opposite the Twist.