So many new features in the Yukon Valley!

Published on 10/03/2019

Your wish is our command!

After a wonderful 2019 with 620,000 visitors, Le PAL was looking to meet a high demand from families for attractions for younger visitors. First came the Yukon Quad in 2018, perfect for thrill seekers, and then the Yukon Wings in 2019, which was a hit with the whole family. And in turn, younger visitors were hoping to see an attraction that would be specially for them! Well in 2020, not one but two attractions for little ones will be available in the park!

Across the continent by truck

Children will be able to take their seats aboard big trucks for a great trip along the roads of Canada! With the new Yukon Trucks attraction, which looks as though it's come straight out of the American movies, enjoy a real change of scene with a fun journey through Canada. Perfect for kids accompanied by their parents, so get ready to set off aboard your juggernaut!

Hurtle down the Canadian rapids

Sitting on small barrels, children will shoot down the rapids of the Yukon Valley surrounded by Canadian beavers! Set sail for a really great adventure, but watch out for the splashes! The Beaver River really is fun and exciting for kids, and they'll take home some great memories of it all!


We look forward to seeing you from 11th April 2020, when your kids will have a great time exploring our new features!