Green Globe

As a responsible company that cares about reducing the impact of its activity on the environment, Le PAL has been committed to a Green Globe environmental initiative since April 2007.

This year, Le PAL won Green Globe Platinium in recognition of the actions it has implemented towards improving its environmental and social management. It is France's top leisure park and one of the only ones of its kind in Europe to have won this award.


Green Globe is an international certification for sustainable tourism. It is awarded to organizations working towards improving the environmental and social management of their activities. Its aims are based on the commitments made at the first Earth Summit in Rio de Janeiro in 1992.



A sustainable development committee including managers and members of staff was set up. Our first measure consisted in doing an inventory of the park and all the activities to better identify our environmental and social impact. Following this diagnosis and in consultation with the committee, a very demanding methodology was put in place to monitor our actions and objectives, so as to meet the requirements of the Green Globe standard. We were awarded our first Green Globe certification on 25 October 2010, after a rigorous audit, and it has to be renewed (and audited) every year.


Organization of the initiative

The sustainable development initiative is fully integrated in decision-making terms at the highest level by Le PAL management. Annual management reviews set the objectives and guidelines of the initiative, approve the sustainable development policy and forthcoming measures, thereby guaranteeing overall continuous improvement.


Instruments and fundamentals of the sustainable development policy

To harmonize all our work, we consolidate instruments to monitor past and future actions (with precise indicators), while updating specific procedures and policies at the same time:

  • Green management of parks and waste (composting, thermal weed-killer)
  • Green advertising (reasonable consumption of prospectuses, printing on recycled paper, using vegetable-based ink)
  • Green purchasing, a commitment by the different buyers to increase the annual share of environmentally responsible products in their purchasing (cleaning products, buying fruit and vegetables grown locally)
  • Green building and ecodesign of projects (using environmentally responsible material, installing wood heating, recycling rainwater, local contractors)
  • Creating FONDATION Le PAL NATURE to help preserve biodiversity in France and abroad
  • Encouraging the general public and staff to sort waste


The local compensation consists in compensating for its greenhouse gas emissions in France, naturally first reducing them at source.