Yukon Trucks

New for 2020!

Heading for Canada with the Yukon Trucks!

Take your seat aboard this amazing truck and travel through the Yukon Valley! Looking as though they come straight out of the American movies, head for Canada at the wheel of these fantastic chrome-plated beasts, which criss-cross the roads of North America! Just hand over the wheel to your kids and make the most of this lovely trip. Getting away from it all and sharing the fun with your little ones is what it's all about, and you really won't be disappointed!

Guaranteed excitement for toddlers

At the wheel of America's famous chrome-plated trucks, fun and excitement guaranteed for young and old alike! This attraction, made up of 7 trucks with their Yukon Valley colours, is meant for small children. The sort of excitement they just love, making for a magical and one-off experience, where you'll be creating some really unforgettable memories together!

A real change of scene with the Yukon Valley!

This new children's attraction means an extension of the Yukon Valley area, which is already home to the famously exciting Yukon Quad, which opened in 2018, as well as the wonderful Yukon Wings and the gorgeous Forest of Wolves, both of which opened in 2019. And another new feature has been added to the mix in this splendid area: the Beaver River, which is the second new feature for 2020!

Less than 1.20 meters must be accompanied by an adult