The Yukon Wings

Ready for an adventure in the Yukon Wings?

Step aboard your hang glider and become your own pilot by controlling the movement of your sail. The pilot and his “pupil”, installed in the hull of their aircraft, push and pull the control bar which makes the hang glider go up, down and tilt. Everyone forms their own gliding experience as they share the joys of weightlessness in the sky! The Yukon Wings reproduces the movements of flight as well as the sensations.

Guaranteed excitement for the whole family

Take the controls of your hang glider and share a giddy experience with the family! This family amusement ride, comprising 12 red and white hang gliders, is intended for children and adults. The hang gliders’ wings, inspired by the Canadian flag and its emblematic maple leaf, fly around on the whims of their pilots, taking them on some amazing flights!

Enter the Canadian world of the Yukon Valley!

This one-of-a-kind aerial attraction in France is set up in the new Canadian area called the Yukon Valley, which was established in 2018 with its really exciting rollercoaster, the Yukon Quad, the Caribou restaurant and the new animal area called the Wolf Forest. This new area replicates the wide-open areas of nature, specifically those of northern Canada. 2000 trees were planted in 2018 to breathe life into this new environment. The Yukon Wings continues the idea of providing a complete change of setting. In the long term, various attractions will be set up to underline the family-friendly and theme-based nature of this new area of Canada.

Forbidden at least 1 meter Less than 1.20 meters must be accompanied by an adult