The Twist

Come and twist at Le PAL!

In a jungle that's been totally turned upside down by a visit by King Kong, come and defy the laws of gravity aboard the twirling buggies! One-of-a-kind in France, the Twist is a giddying, 22 metre high, spinning rollercoaster, which is the highest in Europe. The freely-spinning buggies turn as they go through the bends that lie along the 470 metre long track. This very unusual rollercoaster descends and goes through bends at high speed, with new sensations each time you set off again. You never turn in the same direction, so you could do it ten times in a row and experience 10 different rides! People always ask for more! Thrills guaranteed as you hurtle down the drops of the Twist ! This is a family activity, though some might find it a bit taxing!

Explore the jungle of Le PAL

Dive into the depths of the jungle and you'll find the Twist close to the highly impressive King Kong and the slides of the Rapido! After turning again and again, you can quietly get over all the excitement with a delicious crêpe you can buy from the Bangala pancake shop which is just opposite the Twist.

Forbidden at least 1 meter Less than 1.40 meters must be accompanied by an adult