The Sun Disc

The infernal ring of the Sun Disc

Step aboard the dizzying Sun Disc. To the sound of ZZ TOP, find yourself turning again and again, faster and faster… hands in the air, for the more daring among you! Careful not to take off under the momentum!

Take off for the world of the Aztecs

In a setting with an Aztec feel, dive into the Amerindian world of Central Mexico, not far from the astonishing Azteka

The Sun Disc represents one of the most famous and symbolic works of Aztec art: the sun stone. Discovered by chance on 17th December 1790 in Mexico, it is currently housed in Mexico's national anthropology museum. You can see a replica of this sun stone at the entrance to the attraction. The Sun Disc, which is 9 metres wide, is fitted with 40 seats divided up around its rim. This Disc moves by turning on its axis on a W shaped rail, 100 metres in length, the ends of which go up as high as 15 metres. A dizzying attraction which is sure to provide loads of excitement!

Forbidden at least 1.20 meters