The canadian river

Lots of laughs aboard your log!

Taking its inspiration directly from the technique used in Canada for transporting timber, you'll hurtle down the rapids on board giant logs before plunging into the raging river! And the adventure ends up with gushing water and lots of laughs. Get set for a really fun – and certainly refreshing – adventure! And remember to smile as you come down, as there'll be a photo awaiting you when you get back. Just what you need to make sure you go back home with lots of great memories!

An attraction for the whole family right in the heart of the park

Come and experience the Canadian River in the centre of the amusement park, close to the Merry-Go-Round, the Goldhunters' Lake and the Enchanted Forest. After your amazing descent, set off to restore yourself at the Place de la Gaieté, with a delicious bite to eat at the Coupole restaurant! An attraction for the whole family, where people of all ages can enjoy a totally unforgettable adventure together. You are strongly advised to seat smaller children at the back of the log.

Forbidden at least 1 meter Less than 1.40 meters must be accompanied by an adult