Alligator bay

An exotic and watery trip!

Alligator Bay takes you on a real Louisiana adventure that's full of surprises! Up to 8 of you can climb aboard boats fitted with water cannons, and start your naval battle! This really isn't an adventure from which you will emerge dry! As you make your way down the swampy waters of Louisiana, you'll meet other boats and you'll soon be targeted by the water cannons of your new adversaries. And for a totally immersive battle, spectators on two pontoons also have water cannons to target you with! Don't trust the seeming tranquillity… Larger than life alligators keep watch and prowl around! On your marks, get set, go!

An incredible journey to the heart of Louisiana

Set off on an expedition to Louisiana. This southern US state, surrounded by Texas, Arkansas, Mississippi and the Gulf of Mexico, is well-known for its huge swamplands and bayous full of alligators. In this subtropical climate, summers are muggy, with temperatures approaching 40°C. The humidity is everywhere.

An adventure with the family

Beside the Down the Colorado River and Caravels, come and enjoy this attraction with the family, then recover from all the excitement with a delicious hamburger or a bit of candyfloss at the Virginien snack bar, which you'll find just opposite!

Alligator Bay, a self-sufficient ecosystem

This is an attraction by Mack Rides, the German amusement ride constructor which has become a worldwide benchmark over the years. Alligator Bay is the world's first attraction to have been designed as a natural pool that is filtered by plants.

Forbidden at least 0.90 meters Less than 1.40 meters must be accompanied by an adult