Famille de Potamochères au parc animalier Le PAL
Potamochère en plein repas au parc animalier Le PAL


Scientific name :
Potamochoerus porcus
Class :
Order :
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This sociable animal lives in groups of between 6 and 20 individuals. It is primarily nocturnal and rests during the day in the mud. The male defends its harem, which can contain as many as 15 females. The mating period is in January and February. Juveniles remain with their mother for a year and reach sexual maturity as their third year approaches.


Geographic distribution of the potamochoerus

The potamochoerus is found in the western regions of central Africa and in Madagascar.


Conservation of the potamochoerus

The potamochoerus is hunted for its meat and to protect crops, although it is not threatened by extinction. Also, when its habitat is destroyed, it adapts to another one. The decline in predator numbers has also worked in its favour.

Did you know?

The potamochoerus uses strong-smelling glands to communicate and mark its territory. They are located around its hooves.
Savannah, rainforest, tree savannah, wetland and marshland
Length: 1m to 1m 30
Fruit, seeds, roots, plants, eggs, reptiles, snails and carrion
Longevity: 20 years
Gestation: 4 months
Young: 1 to 6

Conservation status

Stable Threatened Critically endangered