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Chien des buissons au parc Le PAL

Bush dog

Scientific name :
Speothos venaticus
Class :
Order :
Family :

The bush dog has a reddish coat and a relatively short brown tail. It has a square head with small ears and short legs. The digits on its paws are connected by a membrane which aids swimming. It is a semiaquatic animal which is very much at home diving and swimming.


Geographic distribution of the bush dog

Bush dogs are found from Panama (Central America) to Argentina.


Habits of the bush dog

They live in strictly hierarchical groups of around 10 individuals, made up of several monogamous couples and the offspring of the dominant couple. They are diurnal, and at night they sleep in dens or tree hollows.

Did you know?

This species was first described in 1842 based on fossils found in a cave in Brazil. A live specimen was not found until some time later. Some Indian tribes in Brazil breed bush dogs as pets.
Wetlands, tree savannah, forest and marshes
Size: 30 cm high, 60 cm long
Weight: 5 to 7 kg
Large rodents (capybara), birds, amphibians and small reptiles
Longevity: 10 years
Sexual maturity: 1 year
Gestation: 2 months
Young: 4 to 6
European protection programme

European EEP breeding and conservation programs for endangered species appeared in 1985. The purpose of such a program is to encourage, monitor... Find out more

Conservation status

Stable Threatened Critically endangered