Watusi au parc animalier Le PAL

Ankole Watusi

Scientific name :
Bos taurus
Class :
Order :
Family :

The Ankole-Watusi is a domestic animal, the result of cross-breeding between the zebu and a long-horned cattle breed of ancient Egypt. It is used to accompany nomads looking for fresh pastures in East Africa. It produces good-quality milk but its meat is not consumed. During ritual ceremonies, cattle herders drink its blood, which they take directly from its jugular veins.


Geographic distribution of the Ankole-Watusi

The Ankole-Watusi originates from East Africa.

Did you know?

Its massive horns are not particularly burdensome as their bony structure contains cavities which lighten the load.
Domestic animal
Grassland and savannah.
Overall body length: 2.1 to 2.5 m.
Height to withers: 1.6 m.
Weight: 800 to 1000 kg (male),
700 to 900 kg (female)
Grass and other vegetation
Longevity: 15 to 20 years
Gestation: 9 months.
Young: 1
Weaning: 6 months.

Conservation status

Stable Threatened Critically endangered