Phoques en plein goûter au parc animalier Le PAL
Girafe du parc animalier Le PAL en plein goûter
Chimpanzé en plein goûter au parc animalier du PAL
Loups du Canada au parc animalier Le PAL

Educational Presentation

On the occasion of the educational activities, the trainers offer their boarders one of the meals of the day. Thus, the animals get closer and you can better observe them, in full activity, while listening to the anecdotes and fascinating comments of their healers. These animal presentations take place every day of the opening of the park (duration approximately 15 minutes).

11:00 - Seals and Patagonian sea lions

The seals make each snack a happy and entertaining moment, a sea lion will come to visit them.

11:30 - Chimpanzees:

Accustomed to look for food, chimpanzees find with agility and intelligence the food hidden by their healers. The opportunity to share a special moment with these endearing primates.

12:00 pm - Asian Lions and Sumatran Tigers:

Endowed with remarkable skill and vivacity, the Asian Lions and the Sumatran Tigers are formidable hunters.

12h30 - Giraffes:

The Giraffes' snack is a wonderful opportunity to learn everything about the mysteries of their big neck.

1:10 pm - Hippos:

The hippopotamuses come out of their peace to come to taste their vegetables. In the water or on land, you will be surprised to see these mammals towering so easily.

3:40 pm - Asian Elephants:

The delicacy of the Elephants is highlighted during these snacks thanks to the impressive dexterity of their trunk.

4:50 pm - Wolves of Canada:

From the footbridge overhanging the Forest of Wolves, this is the opportunity to discover this mysterious animal.

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