Phoques en plein goûter au parc animalier Le PAL
Girafe du parc animalier Le PAL en plein goûter
Chimpanzé en plein goûter au parc animalier du PAL
Loups du Canada au parc animalier Le PAL

Educational Presentation

When it is time for animals to have their feeds, carers give their residents one of their daily meals. This means the animals get close to park visitors, who can watch them  in full action, whilst listening to the exciting stories and remarks of their carers. These animal introductions occur every day when the park is open (lasts around 15 minutes).


  • Harbour seals and South American sea lions: 11 am
  • Asiatic lions and Sumatran tigers: midday
  • Giraffes: 12.30 pm
  • Hippopotamuses: 1.10 pm
  • African Penguin: 1.30 pm
  • Chimpanzees: 3.10 pm
  • Asian elephants: 3.40 pm

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